Definition Of unredeemed


not redeemed.

The unredeemed capital of the debt stood at £706 million in 1914.

Example Of unredeemed

  • As an unredeemed liberal, Green is against all schematic certainties.

  • Beneath that sheen of hard-earned respectability, however, were unredeemed sins.

  • By any objective criterion, the world remained the same tragic place it had always been, as unredeemed by international law as it had been by religion, or Marxism, or liberal capitalism.

  • By uttering such sentiments, he turns away from all that he has learned through his many years of suffering and grief and loss; thus, Victor dies unrepentant, unredeemed .

  • He certainly looked the part in a threadbare dressing gown, mirroring the unredeemed Scrooge's threadbare life.

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