Definition Of unpinned

unfasten or detach by removing a pin or pins.

With enemy bullets pinging off his gear, Martinez unpinned the grenade, slammed his body into the adobe building, and lobbed the device into the window of the structure, killing all the terrorists inside.

Example Of unpinned

  • After instructing one of the maids to fetch him a comfortable chair for him to stay the night in, he unpinned Ral's hair and let it down to cascade about the pillow and her shoulders.

  • Always unpin is a good maxim, as a pin is ALWAYS a negative feature of your position, as 1 or 2 pieces have restricted mobility and a later combination may be possible.

  • ‘I believe we need to talk,’ I muttered to her as two handmaidens pulled down her veil and went to unpin her train and carry it behind her.

  • ‘That's right,’ she said, unpinning the scarf and allowing her chestnut hair to cascade poetically over her shoulders.

  • ‘Um, sure, I guess,’ Corrie said, unpinning the brooch and handing it to the man.

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