Meaning Of unobtainable

अप्राप्य नायाब

Synonyms Of unobtainable


Definition Of unobtainable


not able to be obtained.

You can whine all you want about the way men treat you (usually, like dirt), but it's the challenge of obtaining the unobtainable that thrills you.

Example Of unobtainable

  • And when they are, they're entirely unobtainable - and it's hard to convince a man that you're the girl of his dreams while tearing his ticket…

  • But there seems no reason why this scheme should not work and provide an otherwise unobtainable massive injection of resources for a financially hard-hit National Health Service.

  • For many young people who feel trapped on an endless treadmill of dreary short-term jobs, interspersed with spells of unemployment, this seems like an increasingly unobtainable dream.

  • For want of insights and data often unobtainable from the corporate media, the public opinion vital to US democracy has trouble remaining vigorous and informed.

  • He travelled 400 miles from Tokyo carrying rations for seven meals - food is almost unobtainable in Japan - a black umbrella, and a typewriter.

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