Synonyms Of unleavened


Definition Of unleavened


(of bread) made without yeast or other leavening agent.

For one thing, it was unleavened bread, as yeast wasn't added to dough until the Egyptians accidentally dropped a few pieces into the mixture.

Example Of unleavened

  • A staple of the Afghan diet is a flat, unleavened bread cooked in clay ovens.

  • A typical meal would be rice or khichri (rice cooked with lentils and spices) or paratha (an unleavened bread made from wheat flour and fried in oil).

  • A variety of unleavened breads like naans, rotis, and parathas are also widely eaten.

  • ‘Keep dreaming,’ he laughed, wincing and taking a bite of the unleavened bread drizzled with honey.

  • Breakfast is a light meal consisting of fresh unleavened bread, tea, and perhaps butter, white (feta-style) cheese, and jam.

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