Definition Of undubitable


impossible to doubt; unquestionable.

an indubitable truth

Example Of undubitable

  • According to Mill, many mathematical propositions are not even true at all, let alone necessarily true and indubitable , and let alone a priori knowable.

  • All right, Callahan, as fun as this little debate is, it's far too early for me to doubt my existence when it clearly is indubitable .

  • Also, the indubitable suffering of the many people who might be helped by stem cell therapy ought to weigh heavily in the complex moral equation.

  • Aristotle thus does not argue that it is a necessary truth (that is, he does not try to prove the it); rather, he argues that it is indubitable .

  • But in the end, their decision was indubitably made easier by the more cavalier attitudes of their postmodern upbringing.

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