Definition Of undertaking


a formal pledge or promise to do something.

I give an undertaking that we shall proceed with the legislation

commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on.

a firm of builders undertook the construction work

the management of funerals as a profession.

Example Of undertaking

  • a mammoth undertaking that involved digging into the side of a cliff face

  • As a result of this agreement, doctors gave the health authorities an undertaking that they would resume overtime duties with immediate effect.

  • As he suggests, it's a risky undertaking , but one the reader will believe worth the effort

  • At-home hair coloring used to be a risky undertaking : Too often, hair ended up looking like a botched science experiment.

  • ‘It would be a mammoth undertaking to have all the big countries and their supporters coming here,’ Smith admitted.

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