Definition Of underscore


a line drawn under a word or phrase for emphasis.

underline (something).

It was not uncommon for respondents to heavily underscore the words ‘secure job with a pension’ in their answers to my question about why they went to university.

Example Of underscore

  • ‘This review underscores just how seriously these budget cuts are impacting the university,’ Allen said.

  • But this awful moment, haunting in an overt way, only underscores what the rest of the film does not do - make you care a whit about what happens to Cal.

  • During the poetry reading sessions, she acknowledges her audience by frequently underscoring important words both with a vocal change and a head movement towards or away from her listeners.

  • Even as he recounts over 30 years later that I lost one patient during that epidemic, one is conscious of the sense of regret which underscores the words.

  • For example, maybe you really hate typing underscore characters, so you don't use them when naming database tables or named constants.

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