Meaning Of unconsidered


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Definition Of unconsidered


disregarded and unappreciated.

a penchant for picking up unconsidered trifles

Example Of unconsidered

  • As Jo Moore discovered when she e-mailed a colleague suggesting that September 11 was a good time to ‘bury bad news’, an unconsidered thought can easily translate into a national scandal.

  • As such, contemporary journalistic criticism provides a resource that has gone largely unconsidered by academic television research in recent decades.

  • Asked if she never realised the danger in blindly signing documents, she said: ‘In hindsight now, I do recognise that our actions may seem as if they were unconsidered .’

  • Babbin's revelation raises heretofore unconsidered aspects of the issue, and for that reason I flag it here.

  • British foreign policy - especially in the Middle East - cannot be left unconsidered as a factor in the motivations of criminal radical extremists.

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