Definition Of uncleared


not having been cleared or cleared up, in particular.

By the 11th century, uncleared debris and garbage had raised the level of Rome's streets by as much as 20 feet.

Example Of uncleared

  • A system of economically specialized zones suited the under-developed countryside, with its sharp geographical contrasts and large areas of uncleared common pasture.

  • All this merchandise is sold under filthy conditions like uncleared and rotten garbage or defunct lavatories with green flies buzzing all over.

  • Also, how do copyright violations for uncleared samples have anything to do with being major or indie?

  • An abundance of uncleared public and private lands, and unclear title to lands throughout the country, helped to make these reforms successful.

  • But the fact that we have 25 percent of your generic homicides uncleared but 40 percent of your snipers goes toward the entire modus operandi of this sniper.

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