Definition Of ultimate


a final or fundamental fact or principle.

He derived his propositional view of reality and his ‘pluralism without ultimates ' from classical sources and his own extended critical reflections on Alexander, Hegel, and Marx, particularly the latter.

being or happening at the end of a process; final.

their ultimate aim was to force his resignation

the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.

the ultimate in decorative luxury

Example Of ultimate

  • A standard LENTON coupler is a mechanical taper threaded splice that develops the minimum specified ultimate strength of the rebar being spliced.

  • And at the end of it all comes the final, the ultimate audit when our lives hang in the balance before we are consigned to eternal reward, or to the other place, based on the audit of how we lived our lives.

  • Arguably the prime, indeed ultimate , determinant of land value in modern society is its permitted or permissible use.

  • ‘The ultimate aim of having universal suffrage in our democratic development process will not change,’ Tung said.

  • But that doesn't diminish its status as an ultimate in technology.

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