Definition Of twists


a carpet with a tightly curled pile.

This is a very nice piece of blue twist carpet.

a distorted shape.

he had a cruel twist to his mouth

a drink consisting of two ingredients mixed together.

Mo couldn't contain herself any longer, and covered her smirk with a twist of gin and bitter lemon.

a fine strong thread consisting of twisted strands of cotton or silk.

Then use some thick yellow thread - I buy a type of thread called buttonhole twist - to hem all along the folded seam.

a point at which something turns or bends.

the car negotiated the twists and turns of the mountain road

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Example Of twists

  • A tornado eventually reaches a stage where it runs out of momentum and energy and begins to twist itself into a rope shape, twists even further and then dies away.

  • After another series of twists and bends, the corridor widened into a room.

  • As her tail sinks into the semifluid sand, she twists her body and drills herself downward until she is buried up to the pectoral fins.

  • At times, the plot twists sound as if they've been generated by a Hollywood scribe, a fact that amuses Koenig.

  • Bubble letters, arcs and twists can also be artistically arranged and now instantly viewed.

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