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a machine for producing continuous power in which a wheel or rotor, typically fitted with vanes, is made to revolve by a fast-moving flow of water, steam, gas, air, or other fluid.

The machine uses wind power to drive a turbine that sucks water out of the sea, sprays it into the atmosphere and creates clouds.

Example Of turbine

  • After powering the turbines , the steam is condensed back into liquid by the cooling tower.

  • As we headed south across the keel towards the bow, we swam over the turbines in the exposed engine-room.

  • General Electric is already the biggest maker of turbines for power plants.

  • He said the bridge would be equipped with tidal turbines , powered by the force of the sea, to generate electricity.

  • It uses the flow of water to turn a miniature turbine that creates an electric spark that lights the pilot.

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