Definition Of transit


a tool used by surveyors to measure horizontal angles.

The pros use a surveying tool called a transit for leveling work like this.

pass across or through (an area).

the new large ships will be too big to transit the Panama Canal

the carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another.

a painting was damaged in transit

Example Of transit

  • a painting was damaged in transit

  • A substantial portion of a shipment which was in transit to Canada was stolen, resulting in a loss to him of approximately $115,000.

  • All of my Gemini friends have had some unpleasant experiences with this last transit of Saturn through Gemini.

  • Although the guide only covers departures, it provides a useful steer on optimum transit times for passengers booking a connecting flight and could influence your choice of airport.

  • And most importantly, we always felt safe and comfortable, and we were out sometimes in public transit until close to midnight.

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