Definition Of trammel


a hook in a fireplace for a kettle.

a restriction or impediment to someone's freedom of action.

we will forge our own future, free from the trammels of materialism

a set-net consisting of three layers of netting, designed so that a fish entering through one of the large-meshed outer sections will push part of the finer-meshed central section through the large meshes on the further side, forming a pocket in which the fish is trapped.

Researchers lifted a trammel net full of large Asian carp from Swan Lake, a backwater lake of the Illinois River, in 2001.

an instrument consisting of a board with two grooves intersecting at right angles, in which the two ends of a beam compass can slide to draw an ellipse.

There are miter clamps, levels, plumb bobs, oil cans, planes, trammels , and so on.

deprive of freedom of action.

those less trammeled by convention than himself

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Example Of trammel

  • A short herring fishing took place with a few of the small ‘skiffs’ using trammel nets managed to catch the allocated quota.

  • Accessories for rules are presented in another chapter that describes attachments used with rules such as fences, protractors, gauges, trammels , and carrying cases.

  • As expected, Stanley tools were prominent but there was also a good selection of English tools as well as a nice assortment of planes, rules, trammels , saws, and levels by various makers.

  • As the protesters sat on the floor the police line of 80 or more officers would pound forward trammelling the seated protesters.

  • Both have trammeled their critics and opponents.

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