Definition Of toughens


make or become tougher.

he tried to toughen his son up by sending him to public school

Example Of toughens

  • And Leeds North West Labour MP Harold Best also believes there is a case for toughening the rules.

  • As I outlined in answer to an earlier supplementary question, the current legislation has toughened the law in this regard.

  • As the creatures age and their meat toughens they lose up to 70% of their market value, leaving Scottish shepherds facing an agonising wait.

  • Because of its low fat content, goat meat will lose moisture and can toughen quickly if exposed to high temperatures and dry cooking methods.

  • Best practice would be to fit five point door bolts, make sure any glass in doors is toughened to make it harder to smash, fit security lighting and lock away any garden equipment that could be used to break into a property.

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