Definition Of tosses


an action or instance of tossing something.

a defiant toss of her head

search (a place).

I could demand her keys and toss her office

throw (something) somewhere lightly, easily, or casually.

Suzy tossed her bag onto the sofa

Example Of tosses

  • And Telicia, a lefty, got two of her three tosses through a moving hoop in that event.

  • Christopher tossed and turned throughout the evening, dreaming and waking and starting the cycle over again.

  • Come on, this whodunit tale is quite engrossing with its frequent tosses , turns and twists.

  • Consider a person who is betting on coin tosses and the prior outcomes were Heads, Tails, Tails, Heads, Heads, Heads.

  • Consider a statistician, sitting down to construct a table for his new textbook, which will show a normal distribution of heads and tails over a series of one-hundred coin tosses .

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