Meaning Of tippy

अस्थिर ढिलमिल

Synonyms Of tippy


Definition Of tippy


inclined to tilt or overturn; unsteady.

they crossed the water in tippy canoes

Example Of tippy

  • ‘It was not our first thought to use center-wheel drive with it because it was either not flexible enough to climb obstacles, or too tippy ,’ Sullivan said.

  • Handling is more responsive than I expected from such a heavy vehicle, and it takes corners and curves with aplomb - and none of that tippy feeling common to SUVs as tall as this one.

  • He refers to them as ‘tall tippy monstrosities with mediocre brakes that block other driver's view of the road and inflict massive damage during collisions.’

  • Instead of a tippy canoe on a sinister lake, we find two schoolboys lost in wintry woods, succumbing to the cold and cementing a symbiotic relationship whose adult arc carries us through the book.

  • It's a steep, tippy rod that delivers great line speed, and beautiful tight loops.

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