Definition Of tippler


a habitual drinker of alcohol.

Furtive and nimble tipplers and topers nightly dodged through alleys and back yards under the noses of the flashlamp-carrying guards.

a person who operates or works at a tipple, especially at a mine.

Example Of tippler

  • A few knocks on doors, polite people take his literature and then it's into Browne's pub where the welcome from tipplers is warm.

  • A surveyor and engineer, he built coal tipples and air shafts for the mining industry.

  • Although he was not a ‘habitual tippler ,’ or a rake, or a ‘lying Rogue’ but rather gave the appearance of a refined sensitive man, Sandy had few of the other positive attributes in Monro's list.

  • Amazingly, the tiny watering hole which struggles to host 60 tipplers has raised nearly £4,000 for local charities since last October from its big-hearted drinkers.

  • ‘By recognizing such a pretence, as a legitimate apology,’ he declared, ‘we authorize the tippler to tipple on.’

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