Definition Of tip


(in bookbinding) paste a single page, typically an illustration, to the neighboring page of a book by a thin line of paste down its inner margin.

a pitched ball that is slightly deflected by the bat.

a place where trash is deposited; a dump.

Red-faced environment chiefs today pledged there will be no repeat of the Hampshire scandal which saw tons of recyclable waste dumped in rubbish tips .

a small but useful piece of practical advice.

The nutritionist will provide practical advice and helpful tips on how to eat healthily, lose weight, and work more exercise into our already busy lives.

a sum of money given to someone as a reward for their services.

A former agricultural engineer, he makes more money now in tips handing out towels.

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Example Of tip

  • According to his tip , they were intent on detonating a dirty bomb in Boston.

  • After giving Marcie a nice tip for her excellent service, I proceeded into the station.

  • Akhana looked at the lodgings and gave the cab driver a good tip for his service.

  • Alas, it's a resource that is as well-catalogued as a rubbish tip and the librarians never seem to be around to help when you need it most.

  • At first glance, it's a cleaning rod with a rubber tip and a funny-looking patch.

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