Meaning Of three-quarter

पौना तीन-चौथाई

Synonyms Of three-quarter

Definition Of three-quarter


consisting of three quarters of something (used especially with reference to size or length).

a three-quarter length cashmere coat

Example Of three-quarter

  • And all of her coats had three-quarter length sleeves, to show off the endless pairs of gloves she owned.

  • As viewers continue to progress through the albums, they finds subject posed increasingly in three-quarter turn, rather than in right-angle profile.

  • Bright light illuminates them from the left at a three-quarter angle.

  • By contrast, the heads of the other five Romans appear animated and in three-quarter view, without any obvious reference to the conventions of sculpture or numismatic portraits.

  • Each depicts Adam and Eve full length in three-quarter views, turned to the center and engaged in their gender-specific labors.

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