Definition Of thrash


a style of fast, loud, harsh-sounding rock music, combining elements of punk and heavy metal.

There are also elements of thrash metal , cock rock and pop punk.

a violent or noisy movement, typically involving hitting something repeatedly.

the thrash of the waves

beat (a person or animal) repeatedly and violently with a stick or whip.

she thrashed him across the head and shoulders

Example Of thrash

  • A family who went to confront an intruder in their garden were surprised to find a young deer thrashing around in their swimming pool.

  • a grungy thrash band

  • After being obliterated at tennis on Saturday, I was thrashed at squash this afternoon.

  • After the first operation he wouldn't come round and kept thrashing around which is when they found the second blood clot.

  • Another man, reminding his mother of how his father used to thrash him at her behest, was told, ‘You were a bad child and you deserved it.’

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