Synonyms Of third class


Definition Of third class


a group of people or things considered together as third best.

To you few lacklustre folk in the third class ; consider yourselves suspended (until you fix up).

of the third-best quality or of lower status.

many indigenous groups are still viewed as third-class citizens

Example Of third class

  • third class has been the fastest growing category of mail

  • a suffocating third-class compartment

  • After reaching the Victoria Terminus Railway Station in Mumbai, on my way to his ashram, I rode all night in a third class train compartment to Chandrapur, about 50 miles from Nagpur in Maharashtra.

  • American workers confront a social and political system which turns them into second and third-class citizens.

  • At 17 she passed the entrance exams at Cambridge and studied engineering, but although much has been made of her 154 IQ, she emerged from university with a third class degree.

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