Definition Of tetragonal


of or denoting a crystal system or three-dimensional geometric arrangement having three axes at right angles, two of them equal.

Superb, equant tetragonal crystals occur on quartz in the junction pockets.

Example Of tetragonal

  • Furthermore, we see that the molecular rows along the a axes are in perfect alignment with the underlying layers, as one would expect for the tetragonal lattice of the CO-HbC crystals.

  • In addition, Tetragonocrinus has tetragonally positioned accessory canals along the column.

  • Narsarsukite is another tetragonal mineral that can show a tetragonal prismatic habit, particularly when it develops in open cavities.

  • Rutile is a tetragonal mineral famous for its variety of crystal habits and twinning.

  • Small, black, tetragonal anatase crystals associated with rutile were found on microcline by Kile.

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