Definition Of teasers


a difficult or tricky question or task.

He said: ‘Laurie is amazing for her age, she does crosswords, puzzles, teasers and she plays Scrabble.’

a person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way.

In an odd way, both the teasers and supporters appear to help youths keep pledges.

Example Of teasers

  • A picture-in-picture function can link the impulse buy teasers on network channels to the dedicated shopping channel, allowing customers to find more information on products even as they continue to watch the show.

  • A sample of 100 Irish fans were given rugby-themed teasers on logic, verbal ability, general reasoning, visual-spatial ability and numbers.

  • And if the teasers being run before Return of the King are any indicator, the movie has some real vision to offer.

  • Calling her son after a cheesy Abba song can only have created the need for him to prove he was not the nancy boy that the less open-minded - and there are plenty of playground teasers in that bracket - might have assumed from his moniker.

  • Can you solve 15 teasers in this new style exhibition suitable for the whole family?

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