Definition Of teamed


come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

he teamed up with the band to produce the album

harness (animals, especially horses) together to pull a vehicle.

the horses are teamed in pairs

match or coordinate a garment with (another).

a pinstripe suit teamed with a crisp white shirt

Example Of teamed

  • And to promote the message the force has teamed up with furniture giant IKEA which is offering free timer switches to students.

  • At Prada, Miuccia Prada teamed her narrow suits with a tie into a leu in a bit of East-meets-West kind of gimmickry.

  • By 1803, he had teamed up with Robert Emmet and together they planned another insurrection.

  • Combining music and theater the NSO teamed up with If Kids Theater Company, turning a flute concerto into a fairy tale fantasy.

  • Cosmo tells us the safe way to wear animal print is to team a leopard print top with black pants and stilettos.

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