Definition Of sullen


a sulky or depressed mood.

When I mentioned this, he lapsed back into the sullens .

bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy.

a sullen pout

Example Of sullen

  • A couple of tourists are sitting in a brasserie on the Boulevard-St-Germain and their waiter is sullen , slow and brings the wrong order.

  • About 3am on Monday morning the storm seemed to have reached its worst and from that hour the wind gradually but sullenly declined.

  • After she declined a proposal to have dinner with him he returned to his more sullen and sulky ways.

  • Anger or sullenness are certainly well-used tools in my emotional repertoire, but their employ doesn't usually lead to a happy ending for anyone in the household.

  • Anthony Hopkins goes from sullen silence to wordy sermonising as an unhinged anthropologist in this heavy-handed drama.

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