Definition Of sulky


a light two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle for one person, used chiefly in harness racing.

The prompters, which are not permitted to put their head in front of the horse in the time trial, were Thoroughbreds hitched to sulkies who galloped behind Moni Maker.

morose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful.

disappointment was making her sulky

Example Of sulky

  • Across the nation fights break out in living rooms as sulky teenagers beat their younger siblings senseless with remote controls in an effort to watch their favourite anti-heroes scream on BBC2.

  • After several days of being sulky , Kate flatly refused to talk to me on Wednesday.

  • After she declined a proposal to have dinner with him he returned to his more sullen and sulky ways.

  • Although beautifully shot, the film is crippled by its sluggish pace, and it is difficult to muster much sympathy for the petulant, sulky Ishmael.

  • And, most challengingly, how can you organise a successful family holiday with sulky teenagers?

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