Meaning Of subfusc


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Definition Of subfusc

dull; gloomy.

the light was subfusc and aqueous

the formal clothing worn for examinations and formal occasions at some universities.

Well I guess I ought to get out of my subfusc , wipe the smudged makeup off my face and find some food.

Example Of subfusc

  • But while Bill Alexander's new production has a fine, sombre, subfusc dignity, there were times when I guiltily hungered for a little more playful malevolence.

  • Houses hunched like weary giants, wrapped in subfusc cloaks of night.

  • Next, the costumes (by Toni-Leslie James), strictly subfusc , registering against Riccardo Hernández's brown set as murk on murk.

  • One history finalist said, ‘We have to put up with University's traditions, wearing subfusc and the like, but they're not prepared to put up with ours.’

  • One remembers how audibly and visibly subfusc was the almost apologetic chorus in their otherwise excellent opera, Don Carlo.

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