Definition Of studio


a film or television production company.

They include senior representatives from all the major film and television studios .

a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works.

In the past, these brick relics have seen service as artists' studios , photographers' darkrooms and birdwatchers' huts.

a studio apartment.

It boasts 75 luxury apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedroomed homes.

Example Of studio

  • A dance studio at the stadium was given over entirely to the singer, and transformed into his dressing room.

  • A deal would allow TimeWarner to boost its DVD sales with the studio 's substantial film database.

  • A film or television studio will fit the bill for a car service, but she probably paid for her own plane ticket.

  • After a reported £3m refit the mansion now boasts three gazebos, a recording studio , gym and snooker room plus Versailles-style fountains.

  • After two years of mind-numbing lessons in classical music, he finally realised the degree wasn't for him and decided to set up a recording studio with one of his mates.

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