Definition Of stricke


(of a disaster, disease, or other unwelcome phenomenon) occur suddenly and have harmful or damaging effects on.

an earthquake struck the island

(of a thought or idea) come into the mind of (someone) suddenly or unexpectedly.

a disturbing thought struck Melissa

(of employees) refuse to work as a form of organized protest, typically in an attempt to obtain a particular concession or concessions from their employer.

workers may strike over threatened job losses

a discovery of gold, minerals, or oil by drilling or mining.

the Lena goldfields strike of 1912

a pitch that is counted against the batter, in particular one that the batter swings at and misses, or that passes through the strike zone without the batter swinging, or that the batter hits foul (unless two strikes have already been called). A batter accumulating three strikes is out.

By the time the batter swung, strike three was already in the catcher's mitt.

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Example Of stricke

  • strike action

  • a rent strike

  • after two years he was able to strike out on his own

  • As I predicted, however, the Supreme Court did not strike these laws down on grounds that they were special-interest rent-seeking legislation.

  • At Nashville we all felt we were in the gold fields and no one seemed to have made a strike .

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