Definition Of stream


(of liquid) run or flow in a continuous current in a specified direction.

she sat with tears streaming down her face

a continuous flow of data or instructions, typically one having a constant or predictable rate.

The neat property of this attack is that the capacity of this storage mechanism scales at exactly the same rate as the data stream 's rate does.

a continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas.

Frank blew out a stream of smoke

a small, narrow river.

After buying a licence you have hundreds of fishable streams creeks and rivers to fish.

transmit or receive (data, especially video and audio material) over the Internet as a steady, continuous flow.

During a ground contact event, the payload streams data in real time through a series of software pipes.

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Example Of stream

  • A stream of animals is flowing across the road, raising dust from hundreds and thousands of cloven hooves.

  • A stream of hounds flow in full cry across the field, the huntsman on foot behind.

  • A stream of liquid pours in through the broken window.

  • A stream of water flows onto the figure's head; its shiny white beard reflects the light from the kerosene lamp.

  • a perfect trout stream

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