Definition Of steamship


a ship that is propelled by a steam engine.

The Suez Canal, opened in 1869, shortened the route east for steamships , although sailing ships still went by the Cape.

Example Of steamship

  • A large amount of capital was required to transform forges into modern iron and steel industries, equip the shipyards to build steamships , and move from small workshops to modern factories.

  • Among the ships are a fleet of wooden steamships , built to serve in World War I but then abandoned and brought here to be salvaged.

  • As steamships gradually replaced sailing vessels the demand for ropes was reduced and by 1890 the flax mill was closed.

  • Before the advent of steamships , there were merchant sailors who seemed to be a ‘higher’ and somehow more regal member of their class.

  • Beginning in the 1860s, China became a major importer of European naval technology; and by 1882 the Chinese navy consisted of approximately fifty steamships .

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