Definition Of stashes


a hiding place or hideout.

Susan Sontag went to see Philip Johnson, the New York architect, or rather she ‘moseyed along to his stash on Park’.

a mustache.

That big fink with the stash will always cop.

a secret store of something.

the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes

store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place.

their wealth had been stashed away in Swiss banks

Example Of stashes

  • A nearby chamber contained huge stashes of drugs as well as an HIV testing kit, according to US forces.

  • A search of his home turned up a stash of replica guns, which investigators presumed were stored for use in framing suspects.

  • Although police found nothing on the man and woman, both from Bristol, they found a stash of stolen goods in the car worth £180.

  • And on the corners where dealers gather, broken glass and trash are deliberately strewn about the curbsides and sidewalks to make it easier to drop drug stashes among the litter and retrieve them later.

  • Any stashes of cash, drugs or guns would most likely be discovered and made to vanish - be it by the girls, or the police.

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