Definition Of stalest


(of food) no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry.

stale bread

Example Of stalest

  • Agreeing with the five years in office rule, he admits to feeling a trifle stale in the last few terms.

  • And, even though he had a job, her son was sometimes forced to eat baked beans on stale bread because he could not afford to buy a fresh loaf.

  • And, save for hard, stale cookies and bars in health food stores, carob was scarce outside my own kitchen.

  • As I said at the outset of this judgment, the whole purpose of the Limitation Act is to ensure that claims are litigated promptly and that stale claims should be discouraged.

  • As played by Jack Nicholson, he's a newly retired insurance actuary whose wife - in a stale , humdrum marriage - suddenly drops dead.

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