Definition Of stab


(of a person) thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill.

he stabbed him in the stomach

a thrust with a knife or other pointed weapon.

multiple stab wounds

an attempt to do (something).

Meredith made a feeble stab at joining in

Example Of stab

  • A knife stab laceration or glass injury to the hand would make exploration of the wound mandatory.

  • A Tadcaster shop worker was left terror-stricken today after a youth threatened to stab her with a knife unless she gave him money from the till.

  • Afflicted by writer's block, Kaufman's frustration is heightened by the overnight success of his brother Donald's first stab at screenwriting.

  • Although a knife is the most commonly used weapon to inflict stab wounds, other devices also can be used.

  • An ambulance was called just before 11.10 am yesterday and Mr Horner was taken to York Hospital suffering from multiple stab wounds.

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