Definition Of sportsman


a man who takes part in a sport, especially as a professional.

An athlete and sportsman , he played football (as a goalkeeper), skied and was an avid theatregoer, at one time he even considered becoming an actor.

Example Of sportsman

  • A ‘gillie’, by the by, was originally an attendant on a Highland chief, but by the nineteenth century was a sportsman 's attendant.

  • A different footballing culture, combined with a couple of ‘incidents’ that the Italians didn't find becoming of a professional sportsman , led to his return to England.

  • A keen sportsman , he plays tennis and golf, as well as being an enthusiastic canoeist and sailor.

  • Accept the defeat and give credit to your opponent in a sportsmanlike manner.

  • Afterwards, all the contenders did the sportsmanlike thing and praised each other.

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