Definition Of spindly


(of a person or limb) long or tall and thin.

spindly arms and legs

Example Of spindly

  • A tall tech with spindly legs and oversized glasses shrieks as he starts to pick up the poor damaged piece of gadgetry like it's his own child.

  • Aradia, Gwydion and Faunus were made to sit in three rickety and spindly chairs before the thirteen members of the Society of Sorcerers.

  • As the shrub regrows, choose the strongest shoots and remove crowded, spindly , and weak ones.

  • At seven I was still yawning and stretching, sitting on the spindly little chair in our entryway, my forehead leaning against the window view the front yard.

  • Bailey captured them seated practically back to back on spindly gilt chairs at a fashion show, in an invisible yet palpable fog of unpleasantness.

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