Definition Of spellbind


hold the complete attention of (someone) as though by magic; fascinate.

the killer whale gave the spellbound audience a good soaking

Example Of spellbind

  • After Head made his speech, she delivered hers, termed a spellbinder by some.

  • After the Grieg, we were treated to an encore of Debussy's miniature La fille aux cheveux de Lin, spellbindingly played, and after the Mozart one of Erik Satie's elegantly pointless dances.

  • And though many have been spellbinding writers, relatively few Americans ever read them.

  • ‘When he is not overcome by arrogance, he can be a very competent spellbinder ,’ Morgan said.

  • Both were spellbound by the courtesy, hospitality, helpfulness and friendliness of the African people.

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