Definition Of sophisticates


a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

he is still the butt of jokes made by New York sophisticates

make (someone or something) more sophisticated.

readers who have been sophisticated by modern literary practice

Example Of sophisticates

  • Above all, though, the list reflects wines with elegance and sophistication and individuality.

  • All of the sophisticates and cynics insisted that having elections would be a bloody fool's errand.

  • And when I heard him speak in Los Angeles last month, it was clear that his authenticity touched just as deep a chord with urban sophisticates .

  • As so many urbane sophisticates did before him, Lévy comes to the New World and completely misunderstands the Natives.

  • But the illusion that British silky sophisticates can talk the new Romans out of doing something stupid, dies hard in British foreign policy.

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