Definition Of sooty


covered with or colored like soot.

the front of the fireplace was blackened and sooty

Example Of sooty

  • A dirty engine with lots of sooty deposits can worsen fuel economy.

  • And I am rattled till my screws come loose, I am rattled like, like… the way, when I am in a mood, I attack and scour a sooty pot.

  • Another member of the team once wrote that although Mr Green prepared meals in a blizzard with only a piece of canvas to protect him, his cheerful grin never deserted his sooty face.

  • Another virus managed to get transferred from a species of monkey called the sooty mangabey, and this is known as HIV - 2.

  • As the dinghy approaches the shores of North Avon Island, flocks of sooty and noddy terns swirl up and wheel above the dinghy, squawking loudly at our intrusion.

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