Definition Of solomon

son of David; king of Israel circa 970– circa 930 bc . In the Bible he is traditionally associated with the Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs, while his wisdom is illustrated by the Judgment of Solomon.

Example Of solomon

  • After much behind-the-scenes negotiating at the Pentagon, a Solomonic compromise came down.

  • After some further input from the market (in the form of potential investors, advertisers, partners and a few bloggers), it was evident that a Solomonic solution was the best one in this case.

  • God is saying, every man, every woman is a Solomon .

  • In Canada our head of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is also the head of the Anglican church, so barring some Solomonic solution the two shall remain symbolically wed.

  • Many people strive to become judges so they can exercise pure reason in Solomonic fashion to serve humanity.

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