Definition Of soften


make or become less hard.

plant extracts to soften and moisturize the skin

make or become less severe.

some Democrats tried to soften the blow by substituting a smaller cut in the property tax rate

remove mineral salts from (water).

Observations have shown increased copper levels in water softened with ion exchange water softeners.

Example Of soften

  • a major injection of private cash could soften the blow for the taxpayer

  • After a few glasses of wine to soften him up, she began her pitch.

  • Apply the solution to the brick; allow it to soften paint; and remove with scraper and stiff bristle brush.

  • Before planting, soak seeds overnight in warm water to soften and speed germination.

  • But what you should try and find out about is what kind of agents have been added to harden or soften the tap water, as it affects the taste.

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