Definition Of soft


(of a drink) not alcoholic.

all they had was ginger ale and a few other soft drinks

easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.

soft margarine

having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition.

the soft glow of the lamps


I can just speak soft and she'll hear me

sympathetic, lenient, or compassionate, especially to a degree perceived as excessive; not strict or sufficiently strict.

the administration is not becoming soft on crime

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Example Of soft

  • a soft day

  • a soft wine

  • A gentle hand brushed across her forehead and a soft voice whispered soothingly into her ear.

  • About half an hour later we had another quiet dinner, the soft clank of utensils the only sound in the stillness.

  • Also present is a considerable background of soft radiation, which apparently is also x-radiation of non-solar or terrestrial origin.

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