Meaning Of soap powde

साबुन पाउडर

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Definition Of soap powde


detergent in the form of a powder, typically used for washing clothes.

Items of hygiene including toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, soap powder , toilet rolls, brushes and combs, cotton wool and first aid packs.

Example Of soap powde

  • Depression can cause incapability of the simplest everyday task, for example to clean the house, do the shopping, making a simple choice like what brand of soap powder to buy, can reduce one to tears.

  • Did that television commercial for your soap powder actually work?

  • If the local shop doesn't have the brand of soap powder you like best, you'll choose another rather than go elsewhere.

  • If you have an issue with your soap powder you can't find a live person to talk to at a company.

  • It is a short drive from here to the site of the Great Geyser, which first started erupting in the 14th century and finally gave up early last century after years of tourists pouring soap powder in it to make it erupt.

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