Definition Of snuff


extinguish (a candle).

a breeze snuffed out the candle

inhale or sniff at (something).

they stood snuffing up the keen cold air

powdered tobacco that is sniffed up the nostril rather than smoked.

a pinch of snuff

the charred part of a candle wick.

Example Of snuff

  • "Well, I better go," I said, snuffing the cigarette in the grass.

  • a pinch of snuff

  • A pinch of snuff , inhaled through the nose, used to be a common way of using tobacco.

  • A pinch of snuff may be placed between the cheek and the gum or inhaled into the nostrils.

  • After a committee advised the government to ban oral snuff , the government acted in accordance with the recommendation.

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