Definition Of snot-nosed


childish and inexperienced (used as a general term of abuse).

a boy at thirteen is a snot-nosed kid

Example Of snot-nosed

  • After all, this is a documentary about handicapped athletes who are more focused and determined about their sport than many a snot-nosed multimillionaire professional.

  • Didn't I just say the casino was closed you snot-nosed brat?

  • He offered mentoring advice to a snot-nosed , 24-year-old law student as if it were the most important part of his job.

  • He's talking to two marine biologists that specialize in sharks as if we're two snot-nosed kids on a school trip for crying out loud!

  • I didn't want to have to take care of some snot-nosed brat 5-year old for a living.

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