Definition Of snaffle


(on a bridle) a simple bit, typically a jointed one, used with a single set of reins.

To learn the two track maneuver, use a martingale or a snaffle bit with draw reins to encourage the horse to flex through the poll and keep his head still.

take (something) for oneself, typically quickly or without permission.

shall we snaffle some of Bernard's sherry?

Example Of snaffle

  • But what about Jeremy Paxman's book, Friends in High Places, that showed the best jobs are snaffled by those from public schools and elite universities?

  • Don't forget to snaffle a snack mid-afternoon, to maintain your glucose levels.

  • Greenwood snaffled the ball at the front of a line out and sprinted 20 metres to open the second-half scoring.

  • He let us put a snaffle bit in his mouth, but I could tell he didn't like it.

  • I used Penny's western bridle: a loose-ring, sweet iron snaffle with split reins and a long training fork or running martingale.

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