Definition Of small-minded


having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook; petty.

I mean, if this were Wales say, or Scotland, I dare say I could rabbit away about small-minded , provincial parochialism.

Example Of small-minded

  • As one who has gorged himself on Mencken, I can sympathize with the biographers who rushed in to appraise Mencken's life and then turned away, disgusted by his cruelty, small-mindedness , and transparent bigotry.

  • As payback, this trashy movie treats them as small-minded provincials.

  • Both agree that one should simply celebrate the fact that there are books without small-mindedly picking apart those one dislikes, especially in public or, worst of all, in print.

  • But Gardaí who criticise the book are being small-minded and short-sighted.

  • But it sounded very parochial, very small-minded , very irrelevant.

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