Definition Of slushy


excessively sentimental.

slushy novels

resembling, consisting of, or covered with slush.

slushy snow

Example Of slushy

  • After a long rest in the valley, we climb in hot sun and slushy snow, the Continental Divide looming above us like a distant castle.

  • As the day wore on, it started to rain, and the snow became sticky and slushy .

  • But that journey was almost over now, and he felt his spirits rise with every step as he churned back into motion through the muddy, slushy snow.

  • Cue all manner of cat-and-mouse games, romantic ‘time-outs’ and the inevitable slushy finale.

  • Even though the snow was slushy and some of my favorite runs were closed, it was one of the funnest days I've had on the mountain.

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