Definition Of slurs


a curved line used to show that a group of two or more notes is to be sung to one syllable or played or sung legato.

Playful articulation with staccato, legato, slurs and the shape of the rising first-theme melody in C major create a bright and fresh mood.

an act of speaking indistinctly so that sounds or words run into one another or a tendency to speak in such a way.

there was a mean slur in his voice

an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.

the comments were a slur on the staff

make damaging or insulting insinuations or allegations about.

try and slur the integrity of the police to secure an acquittal

perform (a group of two or more notes) legato.

a group of slurred notes

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Example Of slurs

  • A child with coprolalia may blurt out insults, racial slurs or obscenities.

  • a racial slur

  • A variety of articulations are found in these pieces, including legato, staccato, two-note slurs , tenuti, portatos and accents.

  • And if that means throwing away Bach's own legato slurs - so be it.

  • Articulation is critical the pianist must observe and execute staccato notes and slurs with real style, or the piece will fall flat.

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